Willebroek Blaasveld - Gieterijstraat



Newly built flats (41) with commercial and/or liberal professions space, framed in an innovative architectural style with south-facing private gardens and terraces.
"Living a stone's throw from the centre of Willebroek on the former 'De Naeyer' site."

This project offers you a wide choice of one-, two- and three-bedroom flats with fully-fledged private terraces or gardens.

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On the former historic site of the De Naeyer paper factory, a new construction project called "Vredebrug" is starting. De Naeyer was not only a producer of paper, but also determined the future of Willebroek, of which some authentic elements can still be seen, such as the factory wall, gates and the protected water tower. Today, the factory has made way for a peaceful and varied residential area for young and old. The steel Peace Bridge also contributes to the history of Willebroek, which was built after the liberation of Antwerp after WWII. Hence the name of the project "Peace Bridge".

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Projects in development

A luxurious penthouse with parking? Or would you prefer a closed or semi-detached house, each with its own garden and parking? Or a new-build apartment with
south-facing private garden and/or terrace? 


Curious about what we already have on our record? Take a look at our realisations and get to know our total sense of beauty, quality, durability and detail. 


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