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Privacy and Cookie Policy  Group Deneve

This Privacy and Cookie Policy is an integral part of the www.groupdeneve.com website and all Group Deneve project websites. By using Group Deneve's websites or its services, you agree to this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

The aforementioned websites are owned by Deneve and Partners, a limited liability company under Belgian law with registered office at 2930 Brasschaat, Kapelsesteenweg 266, company number 0866.608.886.

Group Deneve always reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy in order to make it conform to new features added to its websites, if the latter require the processing of personal data.

This version of the Privacy and Cookie Policy was amended on November 3, 2022. Important changes will always be clearly communicated on the websites.



The following Privacy and Cookie Policy applies to the processing of personal data through Group Deneve's websites.

Group Deneve seeks through this Privacy Policy to provide the user of its websites with the clearest and most transparent information possible regarding the processing of personal data.

The data processing of personal data will always take place in compliance with European regulations, being the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG, also known as GDPR).

The private limited company Deneve and Partners is responsible for the processing of your personal data.


Group Deneve may use personal data provided to it by virtue of agreement, on the basis of your consent or in pursuit of legitimate interests.

These include:
- The data that Group Deneve collects using the cookies on its websites. (see below B. Cookie policy)
- Data that you communicate to Group Deneve through its websites, over the phone or by any other means. These involve the collection of your name, municipality of residence, email address, telephone number and any other relevant information that you would communicate to extra Group Deneve through the aforementioned channels.
- Possibly, Group Deneve can also receive personal data via its commercial partners, if these partners guarantee to have collected these data in a legitimate way and that they have received the authorization to share these data with us.

The collection of personal data extends only to what is strictly necessary for the purposes of data processing.


Group Deneve processes your personal data when you ask to be kept informed of our activities. This can be done by subscribing to our newsletters or when requesting additional information via the contact form at www.groupdeneve.com or one of the connected project websites. Your personal data will be processed to inform you about our activities, projects and events.

Your personal data can also be processed if you send your question by phone, e-mail or any other way to Group Deneve or one of its employees. If necessary, your personal data will be used to answer your request.

Your personal data may also be processed in response to a request for the conclusion of a contract or within the framework of the execution of a contract to which you are a party. Where appropriate, your personal data will be used for administrative purposes such as customer follow-up and invoicing.

In order to promote the functionality of Group Deneve its websites, your personal data may be processed. Your personal data will be used, where appropriate, to improve and protect Group Deneve its websites. Data processing also takes place to personalize the websites according to your preferences. This is done by means of cookies. More information about this can be found under B. Cookie policy.


Your personal data will not be kept longer than strictly necessary for the realization of the purposes shown above.

However, in case the collection of data takes place in the context of the conclusion of a sales contract to which you are a party, your personal data will not be kept longer than 5 years after its last use.


Group Deneve, Deneve and Partners, and all associated companies have access to your personal data. Group Deneve further uses third parties to carry out processing activities, for example hosting its websites. Your personal data will not be shared with other parties unless you give Group Deneve express consent to do so or when required by regulation or court order.


Group Deneve endeavours to take the necessary technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data to the best of its ability. These include providing a firewall, securing the devices on which your data is stored, complying with data policies, maintaining a data processing register and enforcing the necessary safeguards from our contract partners.


Group Deneve guarantees that your personal data will not be used in any way other than as provided for in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

You always have the right to request access free of charge to your personal data processed by Group Deneve, to request a copy of it, to have it corrected or to oppose its use for direct marketing purposes. You may also request the suspension or deletion of your personal data allegedly already collected by Group Deneve.

In case the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you also have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. However, the latter in no way affects the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data that may have already taken place before the withdrawal of your consent.

You may address such requests to Group Deneve by post (see address above) or by e-mail (info@groupdeneve.com). The processing of your request always requires proof of identity.

Possible questions or complaints regarding this Privacy and Cookie Policy can also be addressed to Group Deneve using the contact details above. You also always reserve the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.



Cookies are small text or data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application. The storage may take place on the server of the website or application you visit, but may also take place on the server of third parties that may or may not cooperate with the website or application.

The stored information in the text or data file may consist, for example, of the visitor's language preference. Cookies ensure that this stored information is sent again to the same website or application, or to its data controller, on a later visit. This way, this stored information (e.g. your language preference) can be recognised by the website or application.

Cookies can also contribute to the visitor's ease of use of the website or application. Where appropriate, they ensure the correct operation and orderly graphic appearance of the website or application.

Cookies are also used for integrations with websites of social networks. The information stored with third parties may be used for Group Deneve websites or other (online) applications of the controller.

If you wish to manage or reject cookies, you can do so via your browser settings:

Internet Explorer cookie preferences
Cookie preferences Firefox
Cookie preferences Chrome
Cookie preferences Safari

Group Deneve would like to remind you that disabling cookies may result in reduced graphical display of the websites or applications and may prevent you from using certain applications.


It is important to give you a clear overview of the different types of cookies used and what these cookies are used for.

Group Deneve uses cookies for the following purposes:
- Keeping the websites up to date
- Measuring the number of visits and visitors on the websites
- Optimisation of services for marketing purposes
- Optimisation of services via social media


Functional cookies

Group Deneve uses functional cookies to optimise and personalise its websites and applications.

By optimisation of the websites and applications should be understood: optimisation of graphics, images, display on your screen and accessibility of the website or application. Functional cookies are also used to detect problems in the use of the website (code) or to detect misuse of the websites or services offered by Group Deneve.

Personalisation of the websites and applications should be understood to mean storing the visitor's preferences such as language preferences, location preferences,... .

Analytical cookies

Group Deneve uses analytical cookies to promote visitor ease of use on its websites and applications. This is to provide insight into the navigation through its websites and applications, as well as their structure and content. The information collected by these cookies concerns the number of visits, the duration of these visits and the frequency in consultation of the parts of the websites and applications.

Cookies used within this category:
- Google Universal Analytics

Cookies for personalised content

In order to adapt Group Deneve's websites and applications as much as possible to each unique visitor, Group Deneve uses cookies for personalised content. These cookies ensure that you as a visitor are provided with the most relevant information for you, for example by recommending interesting projects to you based on previously visited projects.

Advertising Cookies and Social Media Cookies

When advertisements about Group Deneve's websites, applications or services are displayed on third-party websites or applications, third-party cookies are used. For example, you will see, where appropriate, an advertisement about a Group Deneve project that you have viewed on its websites or applications in the past.

Third-party cookies are used by placing images or content on Group Deneve websites or applications, which originate from social media networks (e.g. loading videos from Youtube). Conversely, cookies from these social media networks are also used when the websites or applications of Group Deneve provide a button to share images or content via social media networks. For this, Group Deneve would like to refer to the policies or statements in this regard, as displayed on the websites of the relevant social media networks.

Cookies used within this category:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Youtube
- Google Advertising


Depending on the type of cookies, they are either temporary or permanent.

Permanent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device after the web browser or application is closed. These cookies remain until a predetermined expiry date is reached automatically, until you delete them yourself or until a new cookie is installed.

Temporary cookies, on the other hand, are deleted from your computer or mobile device as soon as you close your web browser or application.


Some cookies may collect personal data. Where appropriate, the processing of this data is governed by your consent and reference is made to the applicable passages above under A. Privacy Policy.

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